Yes, there are table tennis players in Covington, Ga

We are not an official club but we do have 3 good tables set up at all times with lots of room to play.

Our players range from unranked players up to 1300 rating with the USATT.

Some enjoy the social aspect of guys getting together to play and talk about sports, etc.

Others like working on their games to keep improving not only their skills but also their national rating.

We do not tolerate foul language or bad tempers and there is no drinking.  We are here to enjoy and get better.

Since our hours of play do change, you can text 770-846-0801 or email me at for more details.

Please do not call because I usually do not answer calls from people not in my contacts.

We always enjoy new players especially those who can push us to get better or just eager to learn the game.
Table Tennis in Covington, Ga