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Endometriosis is a very common problem that usually results in a variety of symptoms which are not the same for every woman. The most common symptoms are:
                 Very painful periods                            Pain with sex
                    Spotting between periods                     Unable to get pregnant
                       Pelvic pain                                            Low back pain
                         Diarrhea with periods                            Fatigue    

    The easiest explanation of  endometriosis is to say -- "normal tissue in the wrong place"                
    The normal tissue is the inside lining of the uterus called the endometrium.  Little pieces of
the endometrium get out where they do not belong  -  such as on the ovary, tube, or the
outside surface of the uterus.  Like the inside lining of the uterus,  these little pieces bleed each
month but this blood can not come out the vagina like regular period blood does. So, a women with endometriosis would have a regular period but would also bleed on the inside of
her belly whereever the endometriosis was located. That trapped blood causes lots of pain.                             

     If you feel that you have endometriosis, make an appointment so that Dr Greco can help
you find out for sure and get you started on the right treatment plan.