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Women's Health Specialist of Newton, Rockdale and Walton County 
Gynecology and Gynecological Surgery
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                                            No More Periods
           If you are one of the unfortunate women who have periods that are extremely heavy and
long, there is a easy outpatient procedure that you might be interested in. Many women suffer from
heavy and painful periods that cause them to miss work, mess up their clothes, or even have to schedule vacations around their periods. Instead of being on birth control pills for years or have a hysterectomy and be out of work for 5 weeks, there is a simple answer.

          The procedure is called an endometrial ablation which means burning the inside lining of the uterus. It is a outpatient surgery that is done thru the vagina so there is no cutting or stitching  -  you go home the same day with some cramping that is usually taken care of with Advil or Tylenol.  The next day you are allowed to return to your full activity with the only restriction being no sex for one week.

           Although some doctors are trying to do this procedure in the office, Dr Greco feels that it is safest to do it in the hospital and by putting you to sleep, he knows that you will not feel any pain. The surgery only takes a few minutes so you are not asleep for very long.

           There are different companies that make the instruments to burn the inside lining of the uterus. Dr Greco usually uses the Novasure device and sometimes the HTA. You can choose the one you prefer but most of the time Dr Greco decides at the time of the surgery based on a variety
of reasons such as the size of the uterus or the presence of fibroids.

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