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                                                    Tie my tubes
             If you are sure that you do not want any more children or if you have never had a child and have decided that you never want to have kids, there is a new and simple procedure for you.

             In the past, the only way to tie tubes was to make an incision in the belly button. Now there is
a way to tie tubes without making an incision.

            This simple outpatient procedure is called the Essure device.  It is done entirely thru the vagina so there is no cutting or stitching involved.  You will go home shortly after surgery and will be allowed to return to full activity the very next day.  Minimal cramping afterwards is easily controlled with Advil or Tylenol.

            Here is how it works.  Once you are asleep,  you are put in the same position as a pap smear exam.  Dr Greco will gently insert a small scope ( hysteroscope) thru the vagina and into the uterus. Once he sees the opening to the tubes, he will insert the Essure device directly into each tube and then you are done!!

           The Essure device is anchored in the tube and over the next 3 months, the tube will close down on it.  You will be scheduled to have a x ray done 3 months after the surgery to show that the tubes are blocked. You will need to use some form of birth control until that x ray shows the tubes are completely closed.
            Of course, you can still have your tubes tied by using the scope thru a small incision in your belly
button.  The advantage of doing it that way is that your tubes are done and there is no 3 month waiting.

            Dr Greco will discuss both procedures with you to help you decide which is best for you.

You can read more about tying your tubes without incisions by clicking here  --->    Essure.com