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   The normal events that occur as a women gets closer to age 50 are completely related to the activity of the ovaries.  Your ovaries produce the female hormones that your body needs to have periods and to maintain a pregnancy once it has started.  True menopause is when the ovaries completely stop making hormones.  When that happens,  you will stop having periods. 

          You might also have some other not so pleasant feelings such as:
                         Hot flashes                             Trouble sleeping
                         Mood swings                          Less sexual desire
                         Irritable                                   Difficulty concentrating
                         Cry easily                                Vaginal dryness

          Most of the time, the ovaries do not just simply stop but gradually decrease the production of hormones over a period of months or years.  You may notice that your periods are getting more irregular   –you might miss a month or two and they will get lighter and shorter.

          If you are experiencing some of these symptoms it is a good idea to come in for an exam and for a discussion about the various options. Not everyone has to be on hormone pills.  Dr Greco will go over the advantages and disadvantages of all treatments that are available so that you can make a good educated decision. 

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