Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Did Dr Greco retire because of his health?   No,  he was and is in very good health.

    2)  Did Dr Greco retire because the practice was slowing down?
                        No, in fact, the practice was as busy as ever.
    3)   What are some of the reasons for the retirement?
                      Grandkids are getting old enough to spend quality time together.
                      Travel, fishing, golf, yard work, and competition ping pong.

    4)   Is Dr Greco leaving town?   No way, kids and grandkids all live locally.

    5)   Was Mrs Greco happy about this?  Absolutely, they had talked about this for a while
                    before making the decision.  They are very sure it was the right time.
    6)    Did Dr Greco sell the practice to another doctor?
                     No, he did not sell the practice but he is renting the office to another doctor. .
    7)   How long will my records be available for transfer to another physician?
                     Thanks to electronic medical records, your records will be available for many years.
                     This website will remain active so you will be able to wait until you find
                          a new gynecologist and then request transfer of your records.

    8)    What happened to the excellent staff that Dr Greco had?
                    Donna is staying home to care for her mother and also babysitting grandkids
                    Terri is working with Dr Larrimore and Dr Bender

    9)     How can Dr Greco be contacted?
                     It is best to contact him by email:

Ray Greco, D.O.
Women's Health Specialist of Newton, Rockdale and Walton County 
Gynecology and Gynecological Surgery