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         A fibroid is a tumor of the wall of the uterus that is not cancer.  It is normal tissue that instead of lying down in the same way like the rest of the uterine wall,  it forms in circles or like a knot.  Fibroids are very common and usually do not cause a problem. They can range from very small like a pea to very large like a grapefruit or larger.

         A fibroid may not bother you at all or can cause problems like heavy periods, pelvic pain, bleeding between your periods, pain with sex,  painful periods or even problems with urination,  They usually do not interfer with a pregnancy unless they are very large.

         There are numerous treatments for fibroids which include medicines and various surgeries.
Dr Greco has an ultrasound machine in the office and can easily tell if you have fibroids.

       If you think you might have fibroids,  please give us a call for an appointment  - 770 787 2674