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                 Hot flashes are most commonly associated with the menopause.  These are a sudden feeling of a warm sensation that usually occurs in the neck, chest and head area. It can last for just a few seconds to many  minutes.  They can occur many times thru the day or even the night - commonly interfering with sleep.

                It is not unusual for the person with the hot flash to find themselves continually turning on more air conditioning despite the fact that everyone else in the house is freezing.
             Hot flashes are mostly due to the lack of hormones such as in the menopause.  However, there are many medicines that can cause hot flashes as well.
If your hot flashes are due to a lack of hormones, you may also be noticing that you are more irritable, more moody,  cry easily, a decrease in your sexual drive, and sometimes even vaginal dryness.   These symptoms are usually easily treated.

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Hot Flashes