Ray Greco, D.O.
Women's Health Specialist of Newton, Rockdale and Walton County 
Gynecology and Gynecological Surgery
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          Sometimes the only thing that will help you is to have the outpatient surgery known as a laparoscopy. It is a simple procedure that can give us a lot of information as well as take care of a lot of problems.
          Once you are asleep, Dr Greco makes a small incision just below your belly button that is usually about one half of an inch in length.  Thru that incision,  Dr Greco will put in a scope so that he can look all around to find the problem.  Not only will he look at your female parts ( uterus, tubes and ovaries)  but he will also look your liver, gall bladder and the bowels.            
          Occsionally, he will need to make one or two more incisions down low near your pubic hair to put in other instruments such as scissors, cautery or probes,.
          Once he has found the problem, he will usually take care of it at the same time.  After the surgery is completed, you will return to the outpatient room from which you started that morning.
          Once you are fully awake, going to the bathroom, and not having any significant pain,  Dr Greco will talk with you about the surgery and will let you go home.  You will need about 3 -5 days to recover depending on how much was done on the inside.

           Dr Greco prefers to do the laparscopies on a Friday so that you can frequently return to 
                                work on Monday without a problem.