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                                                       Ovarian Cysts
Every woman produces cysts on their ovaries each month. This is the normal way that
the ovary produces an egg.  These small cysts will grow to about 2 mm and then will pop and release the egg. However, sometimes the cyst does not pop but continues to grow producing a larger cyst.

           These larger cysts can produce pain or can disrupt the timing of your period. They can get very big but most of them will get to about a baseball size. They are rarely cancer.

           Ovarian cysts are easily seen on ultrasound. Dr Greco performs his own ultrasounds in the office so that he is not relying on a report but is looking at the cyst himself. Since he can do the ultrasound at the same time as your pap smear, you do not have to wait for results.  He will let you watch on the monitor so that you will see exactly what he is seeing.

           Most cysts dissolve by themselves and no treatment is necessary other than repeating the ultrasound in 4 -5 weeks just to be sure that the cyst is gone. Occasionally, ovarian cysts have to be removed using the laparoscope.

  Dr Greco will discuss with you the options and you can decide the best treatment for you.

If you have been told that you have an ovarian cyst and need to be seen,  
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