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There are two different kinds of pain with sex. 

         1)  Pain with entry  -- this pain is specifically when he first enters the vagina.
This pain can feel like he is too big and he is ripping or tearing you. This is commonly due to the lack of adequate lubrication or the vagina might need some hormone cream.  Other reasons include infections or lesions. Usually the answer is easily found with a pelvic exam.

         2)  Pain in your abdomen -- this is when he pushes in as far as possible and moves   
                         something such as the uterus or the top of the vagina.
   This movement causes pain up into your belly.  This can be in the middle or only on one side or the other.  Usually a pelvic ultrasound is used to check for cysts, fibroids or other reasons. Dr Greco will do the ultrasound in the office and will explain what needs to be done to allow you to have sex without pain.

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Pain with Sex